TSC 2020-21 Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee (includes a $15 per student technology fee):
Through July 31:

  • $150 for first student
  • $105 for each additional student
  • $375 family maximum

Beginning August 1 through August 10:

  • $215 for first student
  • $160 for each additional student
  • $585 family maximum

Beginning August 11:

  • $250 per student

The Registration fee is non-refundable.

Tuition and Fees:

  • Classes cost $675 per class per year. Classes meet twice a week for a total of 2 ½ hours of contact time.
  • CoffeeHouse (CH) costs $135 per year per CH period. CH is a central room for studying, visiting, and snacking between classes and is available each period of the day.
  • A $180 discount is available to students who register for both an English class and a History class. (TSC promotes the classical approach to English/History and provides this discount to encourage students to take both classes.)
  • Science lab fees are $50 per year (required for all science classes).
  • Schedule Change fee is $10 for changes made after August 14, with the exception of a grace period between August 25 and September 8 as students evaluate their classes.
  • A building use fee ($15-$20 per month per student) may be added at a later date, dependent on the cost of our new facility.

Free Services/Products:

  • Snacks/Coffee/Cocoa are available for all students throughout the school day
  • A monitored 30-minute lunch period is available each school day (students supply their own lunch)
  • Course placement testing
  • MySchoolWorx parent and student training and support


  • Annual Tuition and Fees will be invoiced 8/10/2020 and are due in full prior to the first day of class, August 25.
  • Invoices for full tuition will be sent by email and payments may be made directly through QuickBooks by bank draft free of charge or through debit/credit card for an additional 3% fee.
  • Payment plans are available to qualifying families for an additional fee of 5%. Please email Registrar for a Payment Plan Request Form.
  • ​A $15 returned payment fee may be applied for any funds unavailable on date of auto-withdrawal.

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Period: To accommodate student needs, TSC provides an assessment period through the second week of the school year (August 25 – September 8). During this time, students may add/drop/withdraw with no Schedule Change fees applied.

Commitment to Classes: After the two week assessment period, full tuition payment is required for the duration of the school year for each class. We must do this to keep our commitment to our teachers and for the viability of our class community. (Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration.)