TSC 2023-24 Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee:

  • $150 per student
  • $375 family maximum


The Registration fee is non-refundable.


Tuition and Fees:

  • Core and elective classes cost $675 per class per year. Classes meet twice-a-week for a total of 140 minutes of instruction.
  • CoffeeHouse (CH) costs $225 per year per CH period. CH is a central room for studying, visiting, and snacking between classes and is available each period of the day.
  • FACTS class: $360.00 per year
  • DISCOUNT: Students taking four or more classes will receive one free CoffeeHouse.
  • Supply fees: Classes may require a supply fee and will be detailed under class descriptions on the TSC website. NOTE: Supply fees are subject to change prior to the first day of classes.

Partnership Classes:

  • NCFCA PARTNERSHIP: Family membership is paid directly to NCFCA and supply fees are paid directly to Tiffany Baca. This is not a class “offered” by TSC and therefore no payment is required by TSC.  TSC is in a partnership with Tiffany Baca.  Please see TSC director for further details.

Free Services/Products:

  • Coffee and Cocoa are provided by TSC. Families may utilize a sign-up sheet to provide water and snacks for all students to enjoy.
  • A monitored 30-minute lunch period is available each school day (students supply their own lunch)
  • Course placement testing
  • MySchoolWorx parent and student training and support

Invoicing/Payment Options:

  • TSC will email a payment selection form once classes have been chosen. Invoices will be sent once this form is received and processed.
  • Payment Options:
  1. Pay a full year’s tuition by bank draft or check (with no added fees).
  2. Pay a full year’s tuition by credit card/debit card (a 3% fee will be added to cover charges from merchant services).
  3. Monthly payments: 9 payments August-April by recurring automatic bank draft (a 5% processing fee will be added each month)
  4. Monthly payments: 9 payments August-April by recurring automatic credit/debit card (a 5% processing fee for the monthly payment plan and a 3% merchant services fee will be added)

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Period: To accommodate student needs, TSC provides an assessment period through the second week of the school year (August 22 – September 5). During this time, students will receive a full refund for drops/withdrawals.

Commitment to Classes: After the two week assessment period, tuition will not be reimbursed. We must do this to keep our commitment to our teachers and for the viability of our class community. (Extreme circumstances will be brought before the Board and taken into consideration.)

2023-24 Academic Calendar

23-24 Calendar


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2022-23 Academic Calendar

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