Joy in Learning

The Scholars Connection (TSC) is a unique, Christian education option, established to serve the needs of today’s families.  Our scholars have class two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)  in an exciting and encouraging atmosphere, with independent study occurring on the alternate days.  We have an inviting culture for children from many different educational backgrounds.   

Our students are officially classified as homeschoolers.  If you are unfamiliar with the idea of homeschooling, don’t let it intimidate you!  Texas homeschool laws are friendly and allow for a lot of parental choice…and we are here to help!  More and more educational communities like ours are extending support to families and making education outside the walls of a traditional school more accessible.  Learn about Texas homeschool laws below:

Learning should be fun, not stressful.  If lessons are enriching and take place in a great atmosphere, true education can take place.


We desire to meet the needs of both parents and students so that parents can share the joy of learning with their child.  We know that choosing the path of parent-led education can be challenging, especially as our children enter the upper grades.  We strive to provide you with academic support, while also providing social opportunities for your child – all in a wholesome, Christian setting.


TSC classrooms are busy places!  You’ll find plenty of hands-on activities and animated discussions.  Students are actively engaged and not just performing busy work.


We have a special time on the first day of class for parents to hear from each of their student’s teachers and get set for a great year.  We makes students’ grades and homework assignments for each class available in “real time” 24/7 on our classroom system, My Schoolworx.  Teachers also communicate through phone calls, emails and quarterly progress/report cards.

We encourage parents to communicate with teachers regarding the strengths, talents and interests of their child and any challenges they might face.  We also have optional social media groups to help you stay connected.


Our teachers provide evaluations in the form of quizzes and tests but are not test-led.  We intend these evaluations to provide feedback so students can celebrate their progress and identify specific areas in which to improve.

The State of Texas does NOT require homeschoolers to be tested in the state’s standardized test system, currently the Staar.

Standardized testing is available at year end through various homeschool groups so that you and your student may see the fruits of your labor, if you choose.


Textbooks are only a small part of the exciting plan.  There are Socratic discussions, classic literature, dramatic readings, experiments and other hands-on activities to bring learning to life.


Since our core classes meet just twice a week, you can expect regular independent work. However, our teachers assign meaningful work, not busy work.  The amount of work assigned varies from week to week, depending on what is being taught and the class level.  About an hour of independent work per class hour attended is a rough estimate for regular classes.

Parents may keep updated on homework assignments on our online classroom system, My Schoolworx.

May we visit a classroom before we register?

We encourage this! The best way for you and your child to know if TSC is the best fit is with a classroom visit. Feel free to email us to arrange a tour. Request a Tour

Joy in Learning is the culture of The Scholars Connection.