The Young Scholars Program

Building a Solid Foundation

The Scholars Connection is happy to announce that we are adding a new class block for fifth and sixth grade students, prompted by parent request. This class will follow the same vision as our current classes: encouraging, hands-on, and fun.

5th/6th Grade Math/Science

This class provides younger students the opportunity to practice independence, develop good study habits and prepare for the more challenging subjects they will encounter in MS/HS. For math, students will use the award-winning ALEKS Online Curriculum, with each student working at their own level and progressing at their own comfortable speed. Class time will include question-and-answer sessions, one-on-one tutoring and fun group activities applicable to all levels. In science, the Bible’s creation account will serve as the foundation to study a wide range of scientific concepts including light, energy conservation, air and water, botany, the solar system and zoology. Class time will include readings, discussion, hands-on-experiments and note-booking (which includes notetaking, vocabulary, lab sheets, paragraph-writing and some fun arts and crafts).

Homework:  Students should expect to spend two to three hours outside of class on math and one hour on science per week.

Required Subscription:  ALEKS Online Curriculum (Please do not purchase ALEKS individually – the cost of the subscription is included in the class cost. TSC will contact enrolled students prior to the first day of class to complete the subscription process.)

Textbook Used By Teacher (Students do NOT need to purchase): Science in the Beginning, Dr. Jay Wile, Berean Builders, ISBN: 978-0-9890424-0-6

Supplies Needed: pencils, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils/crayons

Supply Fee (one-time fee at beginning of year): $25


Classes will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, September 3 through May 14 at Lake Houston Church in Atascocita from 9:15 to 11:55.

Class Activity Schedule:

9:15Aleks Hybrid Math
10:30Snack and Chat
10:45Marvels of Science

Registration Fees

Registration fees will be invoiced upon completion of registration. Family maximums include students in all TSC programs. The Registration fee is non-refundable.

Registration Fee per student per year:

Through July 31After July 31
$75 first student$100 first student
$50 each additional$75 each additional
$375 TSC family max$585 TSC family max


Tuition: $140 per month  per student/ $1260 per year, may be broken into nine (9) payments of $140/month (includes math, science, ALEKS online subscription, and snacks)
Payments: will be automatically drafted on the 1st of the month.  A Direct Debit Authorization form will be provided upon completion of registration to retain in our files.
Late Fee: A $15 returned payment fee may be applied for any funds unavailable on date of auto-withdrawal.
Pre-Pay Discount:  A 5% pre-pay discount on tuition only is available to families who pre-pay for the entire year. The Pre-pay discount is a one time discount on tuition paid prior to the first day of class only through Quickbooks checking account withdrawal.
Commitment to Classes: To accommodate student needs, TSC provides an “add/drop” option for classes up to the end of the second week of the year. After this, payment is required for the duration of the school year for each class. We must do this to keep our commitment to our teachers and for the viability of our class community. (Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration.)

Instructor:  Kelli Lawrence

Kelli Lawrence is a homeschool veteran of 16 years with two sons, 21 and 14. In her previous life (before kids), she spent ten years in pharmaceutical research where she held several different positions managing data, projects and people. She and her husband (currently celebrating 32 years of marriage) moved to Kingwood in 2001. During her homeschool journey, she has at various times been active as a volunteer in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Civil Air Patrol and has taught/substituted various classes at PACES. Currently she serves on The Scholars Connection Board of Directors, fosters dogs with All Texas Dachshund Rescue and spends a great deal of time learning new things (last fall it was advanced statistics, this spring it has been web design). She believes that The Scholars Connection is the perfect place for her 14-year-old to transition from homeschool, to classroom, to college, while continuing to solidify his beliefs and worldview. She is very excited at the opportunity to work with 5th/6th grade students and hopes to get them excited about math and science as they build a strong foundation for the future.

MBA, Management Information Systems, University of Houston
Bachelors of Arts, Communications, University of Houston